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Islands of symmetric distribution in prime numbers

Few sequences of gap numbers show a symmetrical distribution.

Within the first 12 millions primes, the largest islands have a span of 11 gap numbers. The following is an example of such islands of gap numbers: Read more ...

Another intriguing shape that covers the plane

Further exploration of shapes that can cover the plane.

Objects closer in space require more info to tell them apart than two objects at a greater distance

Given a property space, the closer two objects, the more information is needed to tell them apart.

Dichotomies can be rendered meaningless

Is it always possible to nullify a dichotomy? When tossing a coin, the outcome is either head or tail. However, head and tail are two faces of the same coin. In a sense, there isn't a split between head and tail as both belong to the same coin.

Let's try to think formally about this: Read more ...

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