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Causal structure emerging from experiments

Turning knobs, stacking funnels.

Where is the causal link in this chain of events? ...

Communication between groups is difficult

The longer the members of a group spend time communicating with each other (i.e. member communicate only with member of the same group), the more difficult/convoluted is going to be the communication between groups.

What happens during this prolonged communication time?

Simple geometry: Symmetry in odd numbers

If 1 is the unit (not really a number isn't it?), only odd numbers are symmetric.

The role of the number 1 is to maintain unity: symmetrically splitting odd numbers (i.e. dividing by two) reveals their hidden symmetry (a new number?) ...

Simple geometry: from even numbers to primes

Two disjoint (?) sets of primes can be generated using two distinct rules:

The first set A uses primes: ...

A triangular display of prime numbers

The base of the triangle is a prime itself and the whole triangle is constructed as follows:

 Prime(p) ∧ Prime(2p - 1) 

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