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Long story short

This is a living collection of ramblings, sketches, thought experiments, and ideas about the Fabric of the Universe.


Be cautious when reading these pages; some parts might not make sense or be incorrect. These are my personal thoughts while learning new things.

Here you find a list of "seed ideas" (articles). These are embryonal thoughts that may develop into "full articles" that I self-publish in the Journal of Absurdity. Here is my CV & Resume.

Undated sketch about reality and observation - Rome, Italy (Circa 1999)

Yet, I like to go down the unbeaten path and see where it gets me!

Exploring and considering strange concepts comes with the territory of having a brain.

Even if an idea seems ridiculous, meaningless or incorrect at first glance, there will always be a moment where it becomes valid. This unique instance can be incredibly fascinating!

Long story... long

Many years ago, between February 4th, 1999 and January 13th, 2003 I started filling pages over pages of ideas and thought experiments about the brain, the mind, and life in general.

I remember that as a pleasant and intellectually stimulating time.

Sitting at my desk in company of my own mind, jotting down ideas. Sketching thoughts and rambling about the nature of "reality". How does the brain comprehend all of that, despite being itself included in "reality"?


But then, the "REAL" reality kicked in: I was in the middle of my PhD, I needed a more pragmatic approach than entertaining these mind-bending thoughts.

Somehow, some people (including myself) managed to convince me that I was wasting time. All that really "mattered" was running experiments and publishing results! ... And so I did: I got my PhD and a decent record of publications.

But the truth is that I got lost... I lost contact with that part of me that really cared about what he was doing: thinking, inventing, discovering the Fabric of the Universe.

This website collects some of those thoughts and adds some more new ideas. After all, 20 years have elapsed since I first put the pen on the paper to ramble about "Things". I've changed quite a bit since then .. or maybe not :-)

Post Scriptum

This is is a static website built from scratch with my own Python code.