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Group Communication

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Communication between groups is difficult

The longer the members of a group spend time communicating with each other (i.e. member communicate only with member of the same group), the more difficult/convoluted is going to be the communication between groups.

What happens during this prolonged communication time?

What is critical is the quantity of communication (i.e. how much members communicate)

With protracted intra-group communication, the group settles on a common vocabulary that is difficult to eradicate when communicating with other groups.

Every member of every group is endowed with the faulty tools necessary to perceive and represent an objective reality. The representation of the real object is a cumulative process that originates from a seed.

Different seeds in different groups lead to distinct pathways

The seed itself dictates the representational path that can be taken by the group to represent the object.

Switching member of the group does not necessarily lead to catastrophic degradation of the object, suggesting that every member of every group is endowed with the tools to build and understand every form of representation.

The union of the Domains determines the real object across paths

Domains of knowledge make up for the totality of the object that can be represented.

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